Marguerite Joseph Mantha the Happiness CoachTestimonials and what people say about Marguerite Mantha the Happiness CoachTake steps to transform your life, heal from past hurts, see life from a different perspective and recognize your true and full potential.

“I am a Divine Healer of Love. I own it.”

My love for people and my highly intuitive and communicative abilities allow me to assist others in creating awareness in their lives so as to experience happiness. We all deserve to live a life full of well-being and happiness. Why not start now?

As the Happiness Life Coach I am able to assist you in getting to the core issues that are sometimes buried deep within.  You will acknowledge them, address and release them. Releasing negative patterns can have a lasting and positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

So take the first step to enlightenment by taking action and reach for the Happiness Coach who will assist you in creating a greater awareness in your life so as to live the life you are meant to live; a life of happiness and peace.

Through Divine Love I assist all who seek enlightenment. As we work together for the greater good, we elevate each other.

  • I hold a Certificate in Psychology from Ryerson University.
  • I hold a Certificate from the Kids Coaching Connection Program, an internationally renowned and award winning program. The program has had a positive impact on kids, youth and adults and is endorsed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). My role as a Coach is to assist children, youth and adults to deepen their relationships with Motivational Speaker Marguerite Manthathemselves and others so they find life to be a truly rewarding experience.
  • Reiki practitioner

Love and Blessings,