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The Corpus Christi College Charity

Corpus Christi College StudentsWhen you support a student or a classroom, you contribute to a lifetime of returns to the world.

Our Goal

Our fundraising goal is to seek and receive financial support to eliminate the growing concerns, in support of our students in all of their needs.  This fundraising initiative is being supported by our fine team of dedicated educators, mentors and graduates of the school.

The Corpus Christi College Charity supports the following:

Corpus Christi College of OCCUPATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAININGStudents in Need

Firstly, we provide assistance to students who are unable to meet some basic necessities for school such as books, uniforms, stationery. With that we are in need of learning resources such as books, desks and chairs, white boards, multimedia projectors and upgrades to classroom areas.

Urgent Refurbishment of the Library and Labs

The Library had to be closed. This area is in urgent need of attention since it has been out of commission for over a year. Students have an urgent need for relevant books and reading material, new shelves, computers, printers and other resources to make the library a usable, safe, learning environment again.

Our Science and Food & Nutrition Labs are are under constant review by the Ministry of Education and need to meet standards. While we have been trying to ensure our students benefit from well stocked and up to date labs, we are experiencing a shortage of lab equipment, chemicals and apparatus.  Appropriately remunerating qualified human resource to manage lab facilities are very important to keep the labs open. Improving security and maintenance of the college are challenging but not out of reach with your support.

Corpus Christi College strives to develop and carry out programmes which would aid in the holistic development of students. Students can develop greater confidence, self esteem and social awareness.

Sister Petronilla Joseph O'Carm“At Corpus Christi College in Trinidad, we are determined through our holistic approach to education, which includes a Job Training Programme, to not only produce intelligent young women, but also women of substance, women with high morals and values who are so well crafted, that our society becomes a beacon because of their presence and significant contributions.”

Sr. Petronilla Joseph O’Carm, Principal
Corpus Christi College of Occupational Education and Training 
This is Education!

Sr. Petronilla Joseph O’Carm was honoured with an Independence Day National Award for her service to National Education.

A Place to Grow

The school was originally founded as a high school fifty six years ago and has since flourished into the Corpus Christi College of Occupational Education and Training. The school has many stories of success including the honouring of one of our male students—Mikhel Trestrail, visually impaired student who achieved a top ten place in the world in the area of Sociology in June 2004 at the Cambridge A Level examinations.

Corpus Christi College Charity Port of Spain TrinidadYour generosity grows into a lifetime of returns!

Cheques can be made payable to Corpus Christi College

Mailing address is:

Corpus Christi College of Occupational Education & Training

Church Street, Diego Martin.

Trinidad. W.I

Thank you for investing today in tomorrow’s career women.  A direct impact supporting  financially challenged youth to get a practical quality education and brighter opportunities. Corpus Christi College is operated by the Archdiocese in Trinidad.

Marguerite Mantha Happiness Life CoachI contacted Sister Petronilla to ask what areas in Diego Martin, Trinidad could most benefit with financial aid. Sister Petronilla recommended Corpus Christi College. It was perfect. Supporting young women in all areas of their education and practical quality training. Just the day before, Sister Petronilla was praying for help for the poor of Corpus Christi College. I reached out the next day with the same intentions!

Thank you once again for supporting the young women of Corpus Christi College to a bigger brighter future, your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Love Marguerite

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