In life we are all faced with ups and downs. How resilient are you? Here are some simple ways you can increase your resilience.

  1. Introduce a regular spiritual practice into your life: This could involve spending 15 to 20 minutes in meditation, or sitting quietly in a church, by a lake or walking in the woods all the while expressing gratitude and sending love to others.
  2. Include physical activities in your life, such as walking, running, swimming or biking as these can reduce your stress levels and put you in a happier mood while strengthening your body.
  3. Develop healthy eating habits by introducing appropriate portions of fruits and vegetables into your diet and reduce your intake of artificial sugars.
  4. Choose healthy thoughts. Remember your thoughts create your words, your words create your actions and your actions create your reality. If the thought you are currently holding is not supporting you, you can change that thought to a happier and healthier one.
  5. Change your overall physiology: As you choose healthier thoughts it positively affects your posture, your emotions, facial expression and your mood. When you are happier you feel better about yourself and the situation at hand has a new perspective.