Marguerite Mantha Motivational Speaker The Happiness CoachMarguerite Mantha is a gifted motivational speaker with the ability to uplift and inspire people.

“I use my passion and gift of inspiring others by sharing universal messages of love and inspiration. To share a message that resonates with everyone. Those who tune in are ready to hear it.”

Through divine guidance, Marguerite helps others open or expand their self-awareness so they can experience happiness and joy in their lives. She also guides people to see things from a fresh perspective.

“It is very fulfilling for me to deliver empowering messages and ultimately gratifying when others connect and tune in – It expands all possibilities!”

Marguerite is becoming well known as a motivational speaker sharing her passion and love for other people with a determination to assist others in transforming their lives. She focuses on sharing uplifting and inspiring information for your overall spiritual, emotional and mental well-being.

She is the energy that draws people together, and it is good.

I attended the Visionelle “Breaking Out Into the Workplace” brunch and I listened to your amazing speech about self-empowerment. I was really inspired by you and your story.

Sharmaine Li