What people have to say about their experience.

The meetup was an eye opener for me. Ideas that I need to try for sure.



I was so glad to hear you speaking of prayer as such an important part of healing. Not everyone would be so ready to proclaim their faith in God and in prayer as you did (not necessarily the most popular methodology these days). We thank you for this. You will be instrumental in guiding those who are ready to come back to our Lord. Sometimes by example we give others permission to ‘come back home’.

All the best to you.

Andrea and James


I was pleasantly surprised with how easily the group opened up and Marguerite created a safe and positive space for sharing and support.



Marguerite is a special person and a very gracious host. All attendees seemed willing to open up and share some difficult circumstances which was a comfort to all. Very worth while meeting and worth re attending. Thank you Marguerite



Thank you for your kind words of encouragement to start my healing process. Your loving way to guide me during this painful process I am going through is teaching me how precious and valuable is my life.

Again thank you for being there for me. :)

Con cariño,



I attended the Visionelle “Breaking Out Into the Workplace” brunch and I listened to your amazing speech about self-empowerment. I was really inspired by you and your story.

Sharmaine Li


Marguerite definitely had a positive impact on my state of mind. By being asked specific and detailed questions I was able to focus on how I truly feel and expanded on my thoughts. I was able to express my feelings and not feel judged. Some people need someone to listen to the struggles they are going through to get them on the path they are looking for.

Annelise (16 years old)


The life coaching session was really helpful for me. The idea of going to Scotland for three months has been a struggle for me. I found it hard to find reasons on why I’m leaving loved ones behind. However, making a list of positive reasons does help remind me that this is an amazing opportunity. I am very fortunate to be able to go on exchange overseas.

Thank-you very much for guiding me to realize this. You always know how to lift my spirits and remind me that all is well. You truly are an inspiration on how to think positively and be happy in life.



Marguerite Mantha is, without a doubt, one of the most positive people I’ve ever met who is truly joyful. She is keenly intuitive and has the ability to see straight to the heart of things. Marguerite is the perfect blend of compassion mixed with a healthy dose of common sense. She is a gem!!!



Thank you for taking the time to ask some really important questions about myself. This coaching session actually made me THINK about the actions that I have taken to line my life up to achieve the goals that I have set for myself. By doing the session, I am confident that I will achieve my goals as I continue to tweak things and make the appropriate changes.

Marguerite, with your confidence and determination you will do very well.

Thank you once again.