During a Writers’ Workshop presented by Hay House in which Deepak Chopra was one of the presenters, he spoke of starting off in his twenties as a medical student studying the molecules of emotions. Deepak is an author, motivational speaker and an advocate for alternative medicine. What they discovered is that the cells in the stomach or in the heart make the same chemicals that the brain makes when you have an emotion, simply put – the cells have receptors everywhere in your body that tunes into to your emotions. This was a moment of great awareness for me.

We all experience ups and downs pain and sorrow – it is part of life. These experiences teach us what we most need to know and assists us with our own inner growth, whether it is spiritual, emotional or a call for advocacy. Once we recognize the lesson in all experiences in our lives we can begin to heal our cells by dealing with our emotions. The cells in our body listen to our emotions so it is important to maintain healthy cells.

I believe the body makes provisions for the down moments in life. Our cells are able to cope with a variety of emotions for a certain period of time. However it is up to us to regularly check-in with our emotions, by changing our thoughts to one of joy and happiness when needed, noticing our choice of words to reflect positive statements and well-being and removing ourselves from places and situations that are negatively impacting our emotions. These little steps can have a positive impact on our cells, through your emotions.

So remember do regular emotional check-ups and flip the switch on your thoughts if your emotions go below the line. Your cells will be very happy.