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Simple Steps to a Life of Ultimate Happiness

by Marguerite A. Mantha

Your book has a wonderful way of explaining all the methods that helped you heal, giving credit to each individual who helped you along the way. You clearly demonstrated the power of prayer and living “in the flow.” The cover of your book is outstanding! Well done, Marguerite.

Meredith Deasley   

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YOU CAN TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE by Author Marguerite Mantha


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In You Can Transform Your Life, Marguerite Mantha shares her own personal challenges, and lessons she learned as she went through a separation, divorce, and rediscovery of self. She writes openly of the pain and the joys she experienced along the way. She describes the power of forgiveness even in the toughest times, and she shares the tools and techniques she implemented that supported her through it all – from her relationship with God to the inclusion of alternative healing methods – to arrive at the peace she now lives.

Are you ready to transform your life to a life of ultimate happiness – the life you are meant to live?

Challenges in life are not meant to debilitate us but to teach us lessons so we can grow into our true selves and experience more joy. Marguerite’s deepest, loving, heartfelt intention for you, the read, is to help you transform your life to one of ultimate happiness, peace, prosperity, and well-being.

Marguerite Mantha Happiness Life CoachMarguerite Ann Joseph was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and immigrated to Canada in 1988, setting in Toronto. She has a certificate in psychology from the continuing studies program at Ryerson University, and she graduated from the Kids Coaching connection to teach life skills to adults as well as children and youth. She continues to work on her certification, which is recognized by the International Coach Federation. Marguerite is also a Level II Reiki practitioner. As a motivational speaker, Marguerite inspires people with simple steps to transform their lives. She emphasizes the importance for people to work on themselves as a whole to support the healing process, allowing them to grow and expand to their full potential – to receive the joy, happiness, and love they deserve.

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Latest Book Reviews


I just read your book and loved it! More than words can say…
I receive your Love and I send you Love.
~ Eve Ann Marie Cadet


Your book is simple yet very interesting. Congratulations.

~ Susan Chin


Marguerite I enjoyed your book very much and found it very intriguing. I am looking forward to discussing your experiences with you more closely.

~ Gary Collins


Marguerite, your book was inspiring! It was amazing to read about your journey, and how your optimism and faith lead you to where you are today. Your book provides a clear picture of who you are and why you are such a beautiful human being. Your story has moved me beyond words. You have motivated me to start my own journey to happiness and you have impacted my life for the better. Thank you for being the free spirit that you are! Love always.

~ Danielle


I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was very easy to read and it flowed beautifully from one chapter to the next. One of the greatest inspirations for me was your ability to attend university at the age of fifty. That inspired me beyond words.

~ Leticia Faulkner


I could not put down your book. You truly have been a beacon of light in my life, through the ups and downs. I am so blessed beyond words for your love, guidance, support, and faith. You truly are for me that beautiful “Angel” to help me find my faith and strengthen my relationship with God.

~ Monique Gallant


Marguerite, I did not want to stop reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how you shared your personal experiences and how you communicated with God. This is a good example and testimony for us all. Also, when you mentioned that we should all do regular emotional self-checkups instead of waiting for a health crisis, I felt that this is so very true. You truly have inspired me.

~ Elizabeth Jardine


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, life lessons, and challenges. I think this is just the beginning for you in reaching a larger audience with your teachings. I wish you much continued growth and fulfillment.

~ Cindy Ross


Marguerite, I read your book and enjoyed it very much. It’s so you! It is very uplifting, honest, and full of love with thoughtful teachings. I am so happy I got to read it.

~ Hailey Russell


I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It certainly inspired me to incorporate more prayers and meditation into my life as well as deepen my relationship with my angels. Thank you for sharing your story.

~ Moira Sanders


Your book is extremely well written and very eloquent. The themes are clear, coherent, and interconnected. It reads very well—I read it in one sitting. I got emotional and teary-eyed at the end. You are truly amazing and inspiring. You shine faith, light, and love wherever you go.

~ Brianna Tai Sue


Marguerite, I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It is very well written with a good balance of emotions, mixed with humour. I felt as though I lived it. Thank you for the courage to share your story, candidly and honestly. Your relationship with the Divine, strong beliefs, and spirituality shone through. It was thought-provoking, enlightening, and uplifting and an inspiration for self-reflection, healing, and physical and mental well-being. It also increases one’s curiosity to delve further into those realms. I am so proud of you. Keep shining and spreading your light and love. I am blessed to have you in my life.

~ Rosanna Tai Sue

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