Life Coach and Mentor

Life Coach and Mentor

Challenges in life are not meant to debilitate you but to assist you in your personal growth and evolution. As I coach you along your path to greater awareness, the obstacles you create and the limiting beliefs you hold that prevent you from achieving your goals become visible. This is truly a powerful moment for you. With this awareness you can make significant improvements in your life to bring the happiness back.


“Marguerite, thank you for your kind words of encouragement to start my healing process. Your loving way of guiding me during this painful process is teaching me how precious and valuable my life is.” ~ Leticia

Motivational Speaker

What a wonderful gift to be able to inspire others collectively. As a Motivational speaker since 2015, it has always been my intent to introduce my audience to the subtle changes they can make in their lives that can have a profound impact. The positive thoughts you hold and the words you speak have an energy that can either empower and emancipate you—or keep you stuck.


Our stories and experiences can be transformative. We are all called to share our struggles and our progress so others can awaken. It is my passion to connect deeply with my audience so they can open their hearts to the Divinity within them.

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Want to experience Happiness?

We are all here to be the very best we can be. In some instances, we may have forgotten how to be our best. So any opportunity where I can empower others to change their perspective on life serves as a wonderful stepping-stone to bringing happiness back into their lives. I am the loving voice to guide you.

Take that first step.

Connect with the Happiness Coach who will assist you in creating a greater awareness in your life so as to live the life you are meant to live; a life of happiness and peace.


Release restrictive patterns for a lasting and positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.


Get to the core issues that are sometimes buried deep within. Acknowledge them, address and release them.

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